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Hello, I'm Mario and I'm a Maker

Ever since I was a child, I have always felt an irresistible fascination in understanding the structure and functioning of the objects around me. To satisfy this curiosity, I would disassemble everything I found, even though, of course, I struggled to reassemble it correctly.

My passion for music led me on an unexpected path, making me passionate about the art of woodworking. I started creating custom-made furniture for friends and acquaintances.

After almost eight years since the beginning of this adventure, I mainly focus on creating tables and shelves in solid wood from the charming Lake Garda, where I reside. My choice is to use exclusively boards obtained from trees that have fallen naturally or been cut down for safety reasons, in order to give value and a new life to a material that would otherwise be considered simple waste.


My thirst for knowledge and desire to learn have never been quenched. Today, on my YouTube channel, I enthusiastically share all the new projects I undertake, recounting the mistakes I make and learning together with my loyal audience.

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